Why Digitize?

servicesDocument digitization is the process of converting paper documents into digital format.

Storing paper files can be costly, particularly when offsite storage is required, and offers no return on investment. Digital document storage is far less expensive and the costs can be dispersed directly to your clients.

Retrieving paper documents is time consuming and the possibility exists that they can be misplaced. By converting them into digital format they are located quickly and efficiently. Additionally, DVD backups ensure the files will never be lost.

“You offer great service and would be glad to recommend the services of DMO to others.”
Abimbola Ogunkoya – Lawyer – Pickering, Ontario
“DMO allows me instant access to my archived files. Visits to storage are eliminated and staff productivity is greatly increased. I would highly recommend DMO to any lawyer or company requiring innovative storage solutions.”
Mark Woitzik – Lawyer – Whitby, ON
“I would recommend Digitize My Office to any law firm or company! This program is user-friendly and efficient. It provides access to information with a click of a button!”
Laura Rorye – Law Clerk – Whitby, ON